The trailer for "Finding Dory" - the long awaited sequel to "Finding Nemo" - hints at Pixar's first animated lesbian couple. 

- You can explain it to your kid while sharing the theater restroom with a man who at that moment identifies as a woman. 


The Libertarian Party has officially nominated former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson for President. 

- Two other Johnson's have been in the White House - Andrew and Lyndon B. Actually there have been 3 Johnson's in the White House... if you count Bill Clinton. 


Party goers in Berlin are using a new "drug"... Chocolate. Users say snorting a line of cocoa releases feel-good chemicals in the brain, giving you a natural high. 

- Experts are already warning that Chocolate could be a "Gateway Drug"... to Caramel. 


A new poll shows that 71% of registered Democrats believe Hillary Clinton should continue running for President even if she's indicted over the email scandal. 

- Her slogan would be "Crimes You Can Believe In". 


Animal rights activists are outraged at a Cincinnati Zoo for shooting and killing a Silverback Gorilla who dragged a young boy around after the child broke through barriers and fell into "Harambe's" enclosure. 

- There were so many protestors, it looked like a Donald Trump rally. 


Kanye West's California recording studio was robbed over the weekend by someone who stole $20,000 worth of equipment. 

- We can only hope this will delay Kanye from recording another album. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!

- Dick