Facebook has apologized for refusing to run an ad featuring a plus sized model in a bikini which they said was "undesirable" and made FB users feel bad about themselves. 

- If it had been a plus-size cat in a bikini they would have put it at the top of everyone's Newsfeed. 


Golf legend Jack Nicklaus has endorsed Donald Trump.

- And Tiger Woods has endorsed Clinton...Bill Clinton. 


Tom Brady filed an appeal of his four-game suspension with the U.S. 2nd District Court of Appeals.

- There hasn't been this much focus on deflation since Viagra was going through FDA trials. 


Bernie Sanders told CNN he's staying in the race because voters shouldn't have to choose between the lesser of two evils. 

- That's right! We should have the right to choose between the lesser of THREE evils. 


In a deposition he gave more than 10 years ago, Bill Cosby admitted to having sex with many teenage girls...but added that he gave them a "very, very good meal". 

- He claims the wine was good too, but none of the girls remembered it being special. Actually they didn't remember it at all. 


Prince William revealed that when he has a hard time getting two year old Prince George to go to sleep, he runs the faucet in the bathroom to calm him down. 

- That's the same technique Camilla uses to calm down Prince Charles when he cries because it looks like the Queen is gonna live forever. 


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