A new Gallup Poll says that Orlando is the best city to find a job. 

- Especially if you like to dress up in a costume and act Goofy. 


The White House confirmed that President Obama is skipping Nancy Reagan's funeral to speak at a music festival in Texas. 

- Apparently when Nancy said "Just Say No" he thought it meant attending her funeral. 

- Ironically, one of the groups performing at the music festival is The Grateful Dead. 

- Obama skipped Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's funeral too... it seems he's "conservative" when it comes to deciding who's funeral to attend. 


Former President George W. Bush announced that he will not be endorsing a Republican Presidential candidate. 

- I guess it would make Thanksgiving Dinner with Jeb too uncomfortable. 


Leaked documents from ISIS gave the names and even phone numbers of 22,000 "applicants" to join the Jihadist movement. There's even a spot to mark "suicide bomber" or "fighter".

- The suicide bombers get accepted immediately since there's no retirement plan to worry about. 


A new study found that short men have less professional opportunities. 

- Especially in the NBA. 


Dos Equis beer company has dumped their spokesman "The Most Interesting Man In The World". 

- They're going with Kim Jong Un instead. 


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