The Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl last night. Their Defense was too much for Carolina, losing to Denver 24-10. Congratulations to Peyton Manning on winning his 2nd Super Bowl and 200th career win! I personally thought that Cam Newton, QB for Carolina, should have shown some class and respect since he stood there chewing gum and swaying during the National Anthem, while the other players were putting their hands over their hearts. 


Lady Gaga sounded great during her version of the National Anthem while wearing red eye shadow and a tasteful red dress.  

- Fortunately she left the meat at home.  


Chelsea Clinton accidentally referred to Bernie Sanders as "President Sanders" while campaigning for her mom on Friday. 

- On the bright side, she didn't refer to him as "Colonel Sanders". 


North Korea defied international warnings and test launched a long range missile on Saturday. 

- If he keeps acting up like this, Obama is threatening to put Kim Jong Un in a Time Out. 


93-year-old Norwood Thomas is flying from Norfolk, Virginia to Australia to reunite with his WWII girlfriend Joyce Morris - who he says is "the one that got away". 

- When she heard he was making the trip her jaw hit the floor. And so did her boobs. 

- They met when "The Germans wore Gray"...and will reunite thanks to a little Blue pill. 


A tattoo parlor in Vermont is giving away free tattoos of Bernie Sanders.  

- They're also giving away Chris Christie tattoos...but they only have enough ink on hand to do one. 


The Salvation Army Bed & Bread Club Radiothon is coming up on Friday, February 26! Gail and I are asking you help match the $30,000 we will be donating. You can do it right now, by just texting the word "Purtan" to 41444 on your smartphone! Anything you can give to this program that feeds and shelters almost 5000 men, women and children 365 days a year will be greatly appreciated!

Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!