The owners of a Scottish animal shelter are trying find a suitable home for a Giant Bunny named Atlas. 

- Meanwhile Bunnies at the Playboy Mansion are looking for a Nursing Home for Hugh Hefner. 


Bernie Sanders trounced Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire with 60% of the vote to her 38%. 

- Pundits credit Sanders win to his promise of "free college for young people" and "free Early Bird Dinners" for voters his age.  


Trump won on the Republican side with 35% of the vote...but his supporters were blatantly insulted by the NY Daily News whose cover called the victory the "Dawn of the Brain Dead" and Trump voters "Zombies".  

- Usually Trump is the one hurling those kind of insults. 


North Korea has executed it's Army Chief of Staff.

- Apparently they use their military leaders when they need someone for Target Practice. 


Three plus-size models will appear in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue next week. 

- They're just like the regular swimsuit models except that in addition to liking puffy clouds and world peace, they also like food.  

- Of course by Sports Illustrated standards, "Plus Size" is anything above a size 4. 


O.J. Simpson's White Bronco has been found in a California garage. 

- Meanwhile, another famous white Bronco named Peyton Manning is sitting at home admiring his new Super Bowl Ring. 


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