FINALLY...  After months of build up, the Iowa Caucuses will officially take place tonight, with the latest polls showing Trump & Cruz neck and neck among GOP voters and Clinton & Sanders neck and neck among Democrats. 

- There hasn't been this much "necking" going on since Bill Clinton was in the Oval Office.


Meteorologists predict that a huge snowstorm set to dump more than a foot of snow on Iowa won't hit until Tuesday morning. 

- Iowans aren't worried about the snowstorm...since they've been dealing with a political snow job for months now. 


"Voting" in Iowa doesn't begin until 7pm so we won't know the results until late tonight. 

- And Bernie Sanders won't know until he wakes up to have his Bran Muffin tomorrow morning. 


A study by the Salk Institute revealed that the capacity of the human brain is 10 times greater than previously thought. 

- Unless you happen to be a Kardashian. 


The Fox television Network wowed audiences last night with a Live 3-Hour production of the Musical "Grease" following NBC's live production of "The Sound of Music" last year. 

-Up next... a live version of "Oh, Calcutta" on the Playboy Channel.


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Have a great day and I'll see you back here tomorrow!