It's Cyber Monday! 

- It's basically the same thing as Black Friday, but instead of getting trampled at the Mall, you risk getting fired by your boss for shopping online at work. 


Hillary Clinton's campaign confirmed that it is participating in re-count efforts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. 

- If I didn't know better, I'd think she thinks the election was Rigged.


Cuba has ordered the Cuban people to observe a nine day mourning period following the death of Fidel Castro. 

- And if you don't mourn appropriately, the government will make sure you join him in Hell.

- Doctors say they were almost able to save Fidel... but as they say, "Close... but no Cigar". 


America is still mourning the death of Florence "Carol Brady" Henderson who died unexpectedly over the weekend at the age of 82. 

- Insiders say three people will speak at her funeral:  Marcia... Marcia... and Marcia. 

- Florence was known as "America's Favorite Mom"... while Bill Cosby is known as "America's Favorite 'Date-Drugging' Dad". 


Goggle is trying to determine who hacked into Google Maps and changed the name of Trump Tower to "Dump Tower". 

- Hello? Why don't they just Google it? 


The California Bar Association is considering making it illegal for Lawyers to have sex with their  Clients. 

- If the law passes, it's really gonna cut down on Lindsay Lohan's sex life. 


A new study by found that today's singles are dating, on average, about six people at a time. 

- Ladies...if you're considering dating six men at a time, you might want to sign up for some wrestling lessons beforehand. 

- Men in the survey say the hardest part is deciding which of the six women gets to ride shot-gun. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!