Online surveys show that 122 Million Americans shopped on Cyber Monday. 

- Among them Hillary Clinton who saved a whopping 95% on an "I'm With Her!" coffee mug. 


As if there wasn't enough bad news lately... Kim Kardashian has announced that she is shutting down production on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" due to her husband Kanye West's hospitalization for a mental break down. 

- On the bright side, she's decided to film a new show in the hospital called "Keeping Up With Krazy Kanye". 

- Meanwhile Kanye told his doctors that "Beyonce had the greatest mental breakdown of all time". 


The Victoria Secret "Angel" models have arrived in Paris to prepare for their upcoming lingerie fashion show. 

- We'll be sure to keep you Abreast of developments in this breaking story. 


A new study found that only 1 in 5 adults really mean it when they say that they're "Fine". 

- And any man who's ever been married long enough, knows that 1 person who doesn't mean it is his wife. 


A Canadian man was arrested for stealing $165,000 dollars in gold bars from a mint by hiding them... well... where the sun don't shine. 

- He sold them for cash. We can only hope it was Laundered Money. 


A new erectile dysfunction pill called Noxitrill is marketing itself as "Viagra on Steroids". 

- This could really shrink sales of Viagra... among other things. 


An Italian woman who just celebrated her 117th Birthday has been named "The Oldest Person in the World". 

- And as with everyone named "The Oldest Person In The World"... her funeral will be sometime next week.   


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!



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