Masked men broke into Kim Kardashian's bedroom at a residence in Paris last night, tied her up at gunpoint and robbed her of more than $10 million in jewelry. 

- Luckily Kim was able to untie herself and call Ryan Lochte's mom.

- Kanye West rushed to Kim's side, but said "Beyonce was still the greatest person ever robbed at gunpoint of all time". 


Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is set to release a new set of documents tomorrow that he says will seriously damage Hillary Clinton's campaign - and also claims she once asked her staff if they could take him out in a drone strike. 

- Apparently emails aren't the only thing she wanted deleted. 


Meanwhile an audio tape has surfaced where Hillary mocks Bernie Sander's supporters saying they "live in their parents basement" and work as "Baristas". 

- It may be insulting... but even Bernie has to admit it's kinda true. 


A New York Times article revealed that Donald Trump lost almost a billion dollars in 1995, largely from his failed casino, meaning legally he didn't have to pay federal taxes for almost two decades. 

- You gotta wonder about a guy who loses at his own casino. 


Pope Francis says he won't comment on the American election, but urged Catholics to Pray before voting. 

- With these two candidates, I'm thinking that's a good idea whether your Catholic or not. 


A Yahoo Health survey found that 80% of Americans think the price of prescription drugs is too high.

- Apparently the other 20% have a two-dollar co-pay. 

- Madonna said she has to do one extra concert per year just to pay for her antibiotics. 


Nicole Kidman told Red Magazine that she was way too young to marry Tom Cruise. 

- She added that trying to look shorter than him was "Mission Impossible". 


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