Kwame Kilpatrick has filed an appeal with the US Supreme Court hoping to get the high court to overturn his conviction.  

- Just when you thought there wasn't any good news! 

- He gave instructions to his lawyers to give oral arguments to the Judges, and if that doesn't work...try to bribe 'em. 


Happy Birthday to my Daughter Julie's boy Brayden... He's the Big 0-4 today! 


Donald Trump says would not rule out giving Sarah Palin a job in his administration. 

- Meanwhile Bernie Sanders says he wouldn't rule out giving Sean Penn a job in His administration. 


A new study shows sleeping late can help prevent diabetes. 

- Mostly because it keeps you from eating Fruit Loops and Prune Juice for breakfast. 


A new study found that nearly 10% of recent college grads in America think Judge Judy is a member of the US Supreme Court. 

- Parents everywhere are paraphrasing Judy's line:  "Don't Pee On My Leg and Tell Me I Just Paid 50 Grand For You To Be An Idiot". 

- If you needed proof that our country is headed in the wrong ya go.  


The Fiat used by Pope Francis during his visit to Philadelphia is going to be auctioned off. 

- It comes with heated seats and a cigarette lighter just in case a new Pope is elected. 


Mexican prison officials announced that drug kingpin El Chapo is now being guarded by a group of dogs.

- So now instead of building a tunnel, his friends are buying a squeaky toy. 

- Or as El Chapo calls them, "Coke-Canines".


The Mayor of Flint has endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. 

- He used to disagree with her policies...but I guess that's just water under the bridge. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday!