A new study found that berries and citrus fruits can help cure Erectile Dysfunction. 

- So now, When the Moment's Right...Eat an Orange.


A report by the US Intelligence Committee says Hillary Clinton's email server exposed documents that were even more sensitive than those that are labeled "Top Secret". 

- Ironically, Bill's emails showed a lot of "Tops" that he was trying to keep "Secret". 


Michael Jackson's private collection of drawings are being auctioned off to benefit at-risk kids. 

- Of course there are a lot fewer at-risk kids since Michael isn't around anymore. 


The big news in the publishing world is that Caitlyn Jenner will be releasing a memoir. 

- It's one of those He Said/She Said stories. 


A large stake of the satirical newspaper and website "The Onion" has been sold to the Spanish Language Network, Univision. 

- Then again, the report was published by "The Onion" so you never know. 


Pete Rose will be inducted into the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame. 

- He's the Reds all-time leader in hits, runs, and errors in judgement. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!