No one won Saturday night's Powerball the drawing on Wednesday will be worth $1.3 BILLION.  

- I don't usually play the Lotto, but with the stock market tanking, I'm in! 

- Jeb Bush's campaign is reportedly buying up tickets in the hopes of financing his campaign. 


A study by Terminix named Detroit as the most bed bug-infested city in the country. 

- We're #1! We're #1!


The Playboy Mansion is up for sale for $200 Million...but there's a catch. The new owner has to let Hugh Hefner live there until he dies. 

- Hef is 89 years old so chances are good he'll be gone by the time the mortgage is approved. 


An audience member jumped on stage during the people's "People's Choice Awards", grabbed the mic and sent a "shout out" to his favorite rapper.

- It was disruptive, but Kanye West still has the greatest award interruption video of all time. 


A new App claims it can decode the crying sounds of babies and determine what issue parents need to address. 

- Critics are skeptical, saying it doesn't pass the smell test. 


A new "Jihadi University" video shows weapons experts training terrorists. 

- A lot of teens are dying to get accepted. 


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