Lots happened at last night's MTV Video Music Awards - Justin Bieber sang a new song then broke down in tears and Hip-Hop artist Nicky Minaj called scantily-clad host Miley Cyrus a B*&ch. But the big moment came when Taylor Swift presented Kanye West with the VMA Vanguard Award and during his acceptance speech, Kanye announced that.. get ready... HE'S RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT IN 2020! 

- He's hoping Beyonce won't run...since she'd have The Greatest Campaign Of All Time!


And now for the much less important news... 

President Obama went to New Orleans over the weekend to mark the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. 

- In a related story, FEMA will mark the 10th Anniversary of their arrival in New Orleans by arriving three weeks from now. 


Donald Trump let a reporter pull on his hair to prove that it's not a toupee. 

- Then The Donald challenged the reporter to pull out some of Megyn Kelly's hair to prove she's not a real blond. 


Indiana University and USC are offering classes on how to take "Selfies" and how they impact society. 

- Yes Mom & Dad... saving all those years so your kid could get a good college education has finally paid off! 


Three top fundraisers bailed on Jeb Bush's campaign because of his lackluster showing in the polls. 

- Along with their resignation letters, they put up a banner reading "Looks Like Mission Not Going To Be Accomplished". 


Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman stepped down after news broke that he had used his own site to cheat on his wife. 

- Just another example of a guy who brings his work home with him. 


Jerry Seinfeld's Son's Charity Lemonade Stand was shut down in the Hamptons after someone called the cops. 

- Rumor has it that that "someone" was a chubby former postal employee.  

- Kramer also had a lemonade stand, but didn't make enough. When drivers came by he was forced to say "Im Out!"


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!