Clint Eastwood is not only directing a movie about "Sully" Sullenberger, the hero pilot who safely landed that U.S. Airways flight in the middle of the Hudson River, but also wrote some of the dialogue. 

- So look for the part where Sully goes on the plane's PA system and asks the passengers, "Are you feeling lucky, Punks?". 


Taco Bell announced that they will begin serving beer and wine at some of their locations. 

- I guess they figure the people who eat Taco Bell just aren't drunk enough. 


U of M's Women's Softball Team lost to Florida last night, 4 to 1, losing the Women's College World Series Championship. 

- The team would have called the Tigers for pre-game advice...but then they remembered that the Tigs had lost 5 in a row. (Now 6!)


For the first time in her 56-year history, Barbie can now wear both heels and flats - opening up her footwear possibilities.

- The same thing happened to Bruce Jenner earlier this week. 


A BBC reporter is in trouble for Tweeting that Queen Elizabeth had died. 

- But he's in way less trouble than Prince Charles who immediately tweeted "FINALLY!" #WhoDaKing?I'mDaKing!


Comedian Jeffrey Ross says that Martha Stewart smoked weed after filming the "Justin Bieber Roast". 

- Martha admitted it's true...but says she grew the pot in her kitchen window herb garden, mixed it with a touch of basil and fresh parsley, then rolled it in handmade parchment paper. 


Last night on "Jeopardy" Alex Trebek read the clue:  “Here she is at her confirmation hearing to be our nation’s top cop", while showing a pic of the new US Attorney General. Not one of the 3 contestants clicked in to even attempt a guess.

- Proving that even some of the smartest people in the country have no idea what's going on with the U.S. Government. 

FYI: When time ran out, Trebek was forced to disclose, “And that is Loretta Lynch.”


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