In an upcoming episode of "The Simpsons", Homer and Marge will get a legal separation. 

- They were going to wait until the kids grew up but it looks like that's never gonna happen. 


McDonald's has hired former Obama White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs as their Global Communications Chief. 

- It seems to me, if they want a guy who knows how to keep people informed about McNuggets, they would have hired someone who used to work for the Clinton Administration.  


Melissa Rivers is replacing her mom, Joan Rivers, as the the new face of the "Fashion Police". 

- Ironically, Joan replace HERSELF as the new face of the show 372 times... every time she got a facelift. 


Republican Presidential candidate Lindsay Graham says that since he's not married, he'll have "rotating First Ladies in the White House". 

- I believe "Rotating First Ladies" is one of the things on Bill Clinton's "Bucket List". 


A recent survey found that Facebook is the number one source of breakups for young couples. 

- Are you

- If you've just broken up, instead of changing your relationship status to "Single "...there's a new button where you just click "Just Like Taylor Swift". 


Two Pakistani suicide bombers blew themselves up after getting into a shoving match that accidentally set off their vests. 

- Friends say the two men had a simple misunderstanding that got blown way out of proportion. 


The Pope told reporters that computers are bad because "they contain filth that contaminates the soul". 

- And he knows this how???


A Japanese online dating website was shut down after it was revealed that of it's 2.7 million users, one of them was a woman.

- The men who belonged to the site are furious and the woman is...well...exhausted. 


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