The media is all abuzz with the confirmation that Barry Manilow and his longtime manager Garry Kief were married in a secret ceremony last April. 

- That sound you hear is millions of middle aged women's heart breaking and their husbands saying, "I told you so". 

- Following the ceremony, the happy couple spent a romantic Weekend in New England. 

- The two met at the Copa. Copacabana. It's the hottest spot North of Havana. 


And speaking of happy marriages... Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles celebrate their 10th Wedding Anniversary today. 

- The Queen says Camilla is still crazy for Charles and that he has her "eating out of his hand"... mostly oats. 


McDonald's announced plans to start serving bigger burgers. 

- The burgers may be bigger...but the kid at the drive-thru window is still gonna get your order wrong. 


According to a survey by the Centers for Disease Control, 90% of sexually active teens use contraception. 

- The other 10% are registered at "Babies R Us". 


A headline on Rand Paul's website misspelled the world "education". 

- Dan Quayle said it was no big know..."You say Potatoe, I say Potatoe". 


A New Jersey school teacher plead not guilty to having sex with 6 students in her car. 

- The boys allegedly involved are supporting her...except for the one guy she gave a "C+".


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