ABC News sources confirm that Bruce Jenner will formerly introduce himself as a women in a recorded two-hour interview with Diane Sawyer set to air on April 24th. 

- He was going to wait until later this summer, but he's anxious to celebrate his very first Mother's Day! 

- The show was only supposed to be sixty minutes long...but it turns out those two gals could gab for HOURS! 


Meanwhile over at NBC...the Brian Williams scandal is getting even weirder. His bosses say he can't bring himself to say "I Lied" and asked if maybe he had "a brain tumor or something wrong in his head". 

- I think the only thing that's wrong with his head is that his nose keeps growing. 


A power outage temporarily shut down the electricity at the White House and Capitol building Tuesday. 

- It marked the first time Congress was in the dark both literally and figuratively. 

- On the bright side... the front door of the WH was locked! 


115 year old Jeralean Talley of Inskter is now "The World's Oldest Living Person". She inherited the crown when a 116 year old Arkansas woman died Monday, after holding the title for just 6 days. 

- Is it just me... or it this "World's Oldest Living Person" thing kind of a blessing and a curse?

- Her family is planning a celebration for Jeralean... "as soon as humanly possible". 


NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden claims that the NSA spies on naked photos of Americans. 

- Why go to the trouble of spying when you can just go on Instagram like everybody else? 


Starbucks Is now offering its Baristas free college tuition at the University of Arizona. 

- Now that they don't have tuition payments to make...they can actually afford a cup of coffee where they work.


Don McLean's manuscript for the song "American Pie" was auctioned off for a cool $1.25 Million. 

- Even with bidding going that high, the auction still wasn't as long as the song. 

- Finally he can afford to visit the three men he admires the most, who caught the last train for the coast. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!