The White Houe unveiled a new Barack Obama china set that will be used for state dinners. 

- Michelle is upset since Barack promised her "If you like the China you use for State Dinners now, you can KEEP the china you use for state dinners now". 

- They also unveiled the new Joe Biden Dribble-Glass collection. 


According to a CBS News poll, 25% of Americans say they have been contacted by the dead. 

- Put another way, 25% of Americans are looking to score their own reality show. 


Matt Lauer and Ellen DeGeneres performed a skit at the Daytime Emmys featuring Lauer dressed in bondage gear from Fifty Shades of Grey. 

- Apparently Matt likes to take a beating in more than just the ratings. 


A pair of Air Jordans worn by Michael Jordan raked in a cool $71,000 at auction. 

- That's almost as much as you'd pay for an unworn pair of Air Jordans. 

- But not as much as you'd have to shell out for a pair of Dennis Rodman's pumps. 


Producers say Bruce Jenner's Docu-series about his transition to womanhood will include some light hearted moments including Bruce re-learning how to swing a golf club now that he has breasts. 

- Bruce was apparently so excited during the segment, instead of yelling "Fore!" he yelled "TWO!"


Abercrombie and Fitch has announced they will no longer hire employees based on attractiveness. 

- So if you're really attractive and looking for work, you're gonna have to head over to Fox News. 


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