Multiple sources say that Barbara Walters has picked Monica Lewinsky to join the cast of "The View". 

- The show will even have a new opening theme..."Devil With The Blue Dress On". 

- She's no Rosie O'Donnell... Close, but no cigar. 


A study by InfoPlease.Com says that American children will consume 90 Million chocolate bunnies this Easter. 

- The news prompted outrage from PETCA... The People For The Ethical Treatment of Chocolate Animals. 

- When asked how many marshmallow chicks would be consumed, not a Peep was heard. 


A new dating app pairs Colorado pot smokers with other singles who like the drug. 

- It's called I' 


Gary Dahl, the man who invented the Pet Rock has died at the age of 78. 

- So now, just like his "invention" he just lays there and doesn't do anything. 

- He was sort of like the Henry Ford of really stupid stuff. 


California doctors say that folk singer Joni Mitchell, who was rushed to the hospital earlier this week, is alert and in good spirits. 

- It's the first time Joni's actually been "alert" since Woodstock. 

- Insider's say Joni claims she died for a moment but was brought she can honestly say she's "Looked At Life From Both Sides Now". 


A Pew poll found that 82% of people use their smartphones primarily for taking photos. 

- In related news, 42% of people use their dumb cameras to try and make calls. 


On this day in 1513 Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon discovered what is now the state of Florida. 

- Ironically, Ponce was looking for the "Fountain of Youth" but he ended up finding the "Land of The Early Bird Dinner". 


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