It's the busiest travel day of the year...with millions of Americans making their way to family gatherings for Thanksgiving. 

- The TSA has stepped up security if you're flying, expect to have your giblets patted down. 


A Gallup poll found that 46% of Americans think Donald Trump would say something inappropriate and kill the mood at Thanksgiving dinner. 

- In my family, that honor used to go to my ex brother-in-law Joe. 


How low can they go? AAA says that gas prices are expected to fall below $2 a gallon as people head out for Thanksgiving. 

- I'm planning on filling up, then staying home until Memorial Day so I'll have a full tank when prices go through the roof. 


Bill & Hillary Clinton will spend Thanksgiving together.

- Hillary will take a break from campaigning and Bill will give Thanks that she's been too busy to keep her eye on him.  


A new report says that a group of Islamic women are secretly recruiting young girls to join ISIS. 

- It's not going very well, though, since none of the girls believe there are actually 72 male virgins in Heaven.   


Dorothy's gingham dress from "The Wizard of Oz" sold for $1.56 million at auction. 

- If you add in the tax, the Toto is actually much higher. 


Have a great Day before the Big Day and I'll see you back here Thursday!