The selfie a man took of himself in the delivery room while his wife was trying to give birth has gone viral, upsetting some people who say he should have been supporting her. 

- His wife was mad at first, but when push came to shove, she forgave him. 

- The father says when he looked closer at the pic, he realized his wife's expression was the same one she had during the conception. 


Hillary Clinton's campaign is laughing off speculation by Donald Trump that her new poofy hairdo is actually a wig. 

- Call me crazy...but I thought it was the other way around. 


 The United State Postal Workers Union has endorsed Bernie Sanders for President. 

- It's not that they like him, they're just mad that Hillary sends so many secret emails, she hasn't bought a stamp since 2007. 


Several well known Olive Oil producers in Italy are under fire for passing off regular Virgin Olive Oil for the more expensive Extra Virgin. 

- There hasn't been this much uproar over claims of Virginity since Madonna released her second album. 

- Jihadists are using the scandal to recruit more suicide bombers, claiming now, if they blow themselves up, they'll get 72 EXTRA Virgin Virgins. 


A CNN poll found that 65% percent of voters in New Jersey want their Governor Chris Christie out of the Presidential race. 

- And 95% want him barred from all-you-can-eat buffets because he holds up the line. 


In the new PC Star Wars movie, Princess Leia is referred to as "General" instead of "Princess". 

- The "Death Star" also features Unisex bathrooms so the characters can use it whether they have a light saber or not. 

- Writers cancelled their plans to reveal that Darth Vader was actually gay by having him say, "Luke...You Have Two Fathers". 


A British study says that if you have fit legs, you also have a fit brain. 

- Huh??

- Then how do you explain the saddle bags on my brain? 


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