Ben Carson is being mocked for having a portrait of himself and Jesus hanging in his home. 

- Meanwhile Donald Trump posted a selfie on Instagram with the hashtag "I'm God". 


In his new book, Former President George H.W. Bush takes shots at his son's Vice President Dick Cheney. 

- Usually Dick Cheney is the one taking shots at people. 


A new report found that Hillary Clinton has the highest percentage of fake Twitter followers of all the Presidential Candidates. 

- And lately even her fake followers have started to demand answers about the whole email thing. 


A Massachusetts jury awarded $100,000 in damages to a man who was fired from his job as a barber because he's blind. 

- And to think Kim Jong Un's barber is still employed. 


A Vault.Com survey found that 95% of Americans think office flings are okay. 

- Another survey found that Bill Clinton thinks Oval Office flings are amazing. 


Jerry Seinfeld told a group of reporters that he believes talking has become obsolete. 

- Which is going to make doing Stand-Up pretty challenging. 

- On the bright side, "Charades" is set to make a big comeback!


Police on the East Coast are looking for a man who tied a woman to some railroad tracks.

- After calling in a sketch artist, they realized the suspect was a Mr. S. Whiplash. 


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