Today only - until 10pm - Art Van is giving away a free Drone with every purchase of $1999.99.

- Plus, you get same day delivery of your furniture...if you use your drone to deliver it. 

- So don't freak out if you see a faux leather sectional hovering over your neighbors front yard. 


The Washington Post published a story online that said Joe Biden was running for President, only to yank it down 10 minutes later. 

- For our senior readers, think of it as a sort of digital "Dewey Defeats Truman". 


Jeb Bush told CNN that Donald Trump is still acting like the host of "Celebrity Apprentice". 

- If that were true, Trump would have fired all the "illegal immigrant" who are working on that show by now. 

- Don'tcha hate to see these two guys building up such a wall between them? 


A National PSA is urging kids not to lose their virginity when they're drunk. 

- The slogan is: "You Never Want To Forget Your First Time". 

- So basically, they're saying to have sex first, THEN start doing the Jell-O shots. 


Do you suffer from"Wealth Fatigue Syndrome? Some Psychiatrists are now offering the super-duper-uber rich therapy to help cope with their feelings about being ridiculously wealthy. 

- Sounds like a Cash Cow...or in this case, a Cash Couch.

- They say "Money Can't Buy Happiness"...but for 10 grand an hour you can buy a therapist to listen to you whine about how much money you've got. 


Oscar Pistorius was released from prison after just 12 months and will serve the rest of his 5 year sentence at home.

- Just to be safe, his friends wanted to remove all the bathroom doors but the idea was shot Oscar. 


Bill Cosby fired his long time attorney Martin Singer for undisclosed reasons. 

- Mr. Singer said all he remembers is Cosby inviting him over for a drink, then waking up and finding out he was unemployed. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!