43 year old Justin Trudeau became the new Prime Minister of Canada yesterday in a landslide vote for the Labor Party leader - who makes women swoon and is known to go shirtless. 

- So look for Trudeau to take a page out of Vladimir Putin's book, and post a pic of himself shirtless on top of a Moose. 


Jeb Bush says he wouldn't trust Donald Trump with the Nuclear Football. 

- In a related story, Jim Harbaugh says at this point, he wouldn't trust Anybody with a football. 


A Pew research survey found that 63% of teenagers send texts on a daily basis. 

- The other 37% had their phones taken away by their parents because of too much texting. 

- I only send one text a week. I'd like to send more but it takes forever on my Flip-Phone. 


A Pennsylvania woman was sentenced to 10 years in the slammer for paying a hit man $1000 to take out three people. 

- It would have cost a lot more, but lucky for her she had a Groupon. 


Eddie Murphy received the Mark Twain award for Comedy on Sunday night. 

- Dan Aykroyd was supposed to get the award this year, and Murphy next year, but they ended up Trading Places. 


The NFL Network accidentally showed an interview with a Bengals player that featured several naked teammates in the background. 

- This was the second biggest botched play in Football in less than a week. 

- That's one way to get more women to watch football. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!