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Welcome to the weekend and an Encore Presentation of Podcast #148!

I'm putting last week's Podcast up again because I've got a surprise coming up for you at the beginning of next week. I'm recording it on Monday with a very special guest - unlike any I've had on in the past. 

You'll be reading this man's incredible story in the Freep this Sunday - and he - James - will be joining me, along with Jackie and her friend Blake, with more on this exceptional man, and how a random act of kindness by Blake brought the three of them together.  

So for now...It's #148: The Sequel (or actually...The Repeat) 

Topics include: 

- The upcoming 28th Annual Salvation Army Radiothon, Friday Feb. 27, on WJR 760.

-  "No Pudge Brownies"... the great way to enjoy my favorite dessert with all the fudginess and none of the pudginess.  

- National DJ Day - surprisingly, a day honoring Club DJ's for "bringing energy to the dance floor", NOT Radio DJ's. But it doesn't matter because Radio guys like being called "Air Personalities" instead. 

- The current controversy over the New England Patriots and who deflated their footballs...and my personal experience with deflated footballs on the street where I grew up. 

- The 6 NFL teams I always root for... and why. 

- And a little known story about a former Buffalo Bills QB who was framed by the mafia... involving a drugged drink, a hotel bed, a hooker and a photograph. 

I look forward to sharing James amazing journey with you next week...but for now, tune in again (or for the first time!) to Podcast #148.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday!