Hollywood has announced the cast of the upcoming ALL FEMALE remake of "Ghostbusters". 

- The plot will be the same as the original, but the tag line will be changed to "Who Ya Gonna Call...And Spend Hours On The Phone Just Talking? Ghostbusters!"


An Islamic Cleric has issued a Fatwa against women who post Selfies. 

- Now if we can just figure out a way to get Miley Cyrus to convert to Islam.


Michelle Obama angered Muslim leaders by refusing to wear the traditional head scarf during a visit to Saudi Arabia. 

- And they were really ticked off when she took away the roasted lamb they were having for lunch and replaced it with Kale Kabobs. 


After the worst sales slump in a decade, the CEO of McDonald's is stepping down.

- His PR rep said simply, "He's NOT Lovin' It". 

- His forced retirement package will consist of "Two All Beef Patties, Special Sauce, Lettuce, Cheese, Pickles, Onions and A Couple Million Bucks On A Sesame Seed Bun". 

- The head of Burger King called the McDonald's shake-up "A Whoppr of a move". 


Just days ahead of the Super Bowl, NE Patriot's QB Tom Brady has admitted that he's battling a pretty tough cold that he got from his wife Gisele Bunchen and their kids. 

- To show you just how sick he is, Tom has hired a private nurse to show up before the game and deflate the balls for him. 

- If the Patriots end up defeating the Seahawks, team members plan on skipping the Gatorade and dumping a giant bucket of Theraflu on Tom's head.


Bruce Jenner is allegedly in talks with E! to develop a story that would cover "his journey"...presumably one that will end up the announcement that he is indeed Transgender. 

- The project will get the green-light as soon as Bruce decides which earrings and necklace he wants to wear to the premiere. 


Speaking of the Kardashian's... Kim says she and Kanye are trying "really hard" to get pregnant with a little brother or sister for daughter North West. 

- They've already picked out a name... South East.  


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