THE Ohio State Buckeyes and the Oregon Ducks will square off tonight in the College Football National Championship Game. Most experts are predicting Oregon will win. 

I'm still torn... I want the Big Ten to win the game...but not Ohio State. 


The Oval Office is taking heat for not even sending a high level representative to the massive "Charlie Hebdo" unity march in Paris over the weekend, while 40 plus World Leaders themselves actually attended.

- Obama would have gone, but there's no golf course near the Eiffel Tower. 

- And Joe Biden was already booked to appear as the Clown at a kid's birthday party.  


The Paris rally was a gigantic success, with over a million people, but there was one tense moment when German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrived. 

- Apparently the French still get a little nervous when the Germans cross the border. 


Pope Francis held a baptism ceremony yesterday and made the announcement that from now on, mothers can breast feed their babies in the Sistine Chapel. 

- Within minutes of hearing the news, Bill Clinton announced that he's converting to Catholicism. 


The website has retracted a story claiming that Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein underwear model pictures were photoshopped to make his muscles look bigger...along with other "key areas". 

- He does look more "buff" than most of the pictures I've seen of him...but you can't tell that much from mug shots. 

- As for allegedly enhancing other "key areas"... Justin reportedly told his critics to "stuff a sock in it". Just like he did. 


Another study shows that using indoor tanning beds puts people at a high risk of developing cancer. 

- It also dramatically increases your chances of becoming Speaker of the House of Representatives. 


For the first time ever, the Tiffany Jewelry Company is featuring a male gay couple in it's jewelry campaign. 

- The two front-runners for theme lines are "He went to Tiffany's for Jared!" and "Every Kiss Begins With Ray". 


Have a great day and I'll see you back hear Tuesday!