Over 40 Million people tuned in as The Ohio State Buckeyes decimated the heavily favored Oregon Ducks 42 to 20 to win the National College Football Championship last night. 

- Ironically 42 to 20 is also the IQ range for most of the OSU players... although that's just a rough guess since most of them don't go to class.  


Kwame Kilpatrick's attorney will appear at the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati today in an attempt to get the Kwaminator a new trial. Kwame claims his lawyer in the trial that landed him in the slammer had a "conflict of interest" and didn't adequately represent him. 

- That sounds familiar... Didn't Kwame have a "conflict of interest" with the citizens of Detroit while he was the Mayor? Like NOT REPRESENTING the people adequately??? 


Political Pundits here and abroad are saying that President Obama let the entire world down by not attending the "Charlie Hebdo" Unity Rally in France.

- Well not the WHOLE world. Dennis Rodman says Kim Jong Un was totally cool with it. 


A Facebook survey found that 60% of Americans have already broken their New Year's Resolutions. 

- Even more shocking... the survey was taken at noon on January 2nd. 

- The #1 broken Resolution was "I will not participate in surveys on Facebook". 


An ISIS hacker group infiltrated the Twitter account of the U.S. Central Command and also took over their YouTube page. 

- So I guess all those tweets about George Clooney looking great at the Golden Globes weren't from our Military Commanders...they were from the terrorists. 


A study by Reuters found that a high-fiber diet lowers your risk of death. 

- And dramatically increases your risk of spending all day in the bathroom.

- Remember the late Comic Dennis Wolfberg's line: "You can't eat Fiber One and hold a job". 


Researchers at the University of Missouri found that people who are separated from their iPhones suffer serious mental and physical side effects. 

- The condition is known as: iWantMyPhoneBackNowOrSomebody'sGonnaGetHurt

- Luckily, if it happens to you...There's an app for that! 


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