On this day, August 7, 1498, Christopher Columbus arrived in the Caribbean on his third voyage.  

- He was supposed to arrive on August 1st, but it turns out the Nina, Pinta & Santa Maria were owned by Carnival Cruises and were adrift for a week with broken sails. 


Edward Snowden came out of hiding in Russia and was spotted at a performance at the famed Russian Bolshoi Ballet. 

- He couldn't help himself...it was a production of "Swan Leak". 


Bill and Hillary have rented a vacation home in the Hamptons. The cost? $100,000 for three weeks. 

- They'll pay the bill by having Bill give a 10 second speech to the cleaning staff. 

- Insiders say the place has all the bells and whistles...from "His" & "Her" towels to "His" & "Her" bedrooms. 


The NRA is taking heat for saying that blind people should be allowed to carry guns. 

- Even Stevie Wonder said he didn't see that one coming.  


Kim Karsashian has gone on a Twitter rant complaining about how big her butt has gotten. 

- Apparently Kim has been living in a home full of fun house mirrors all her life. 

- Kanye must have told her the truth when she asked "Do these pants make my butt look big?" 

- Could this be another Kim Kardashian publicity stunt??? Ya think???


A South Carolina woman called 911 after returning home to find that her 15-year-old son had been watching porn on the living room TV. Cops said the boy was in his bedroom when they arrived and they "had no idea what he was doing in there". 

- Really???


A Russian Cyber gang has stolen 1.2 billion user names, passwords and email addresses - many of them from American companies.  

- Great. Now the Russian have the personal info of every American who's received an email from GM saying their car is being recalled. 


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