Pippa Middleton says she feels "publicly bullied" by the way people have objectified her since the Royal Wedding and that no woman should be famous just because of her butt.  

- And here I thought she'd turn the other cheek. 

- So I guess the Kardashian sisters shouldn't be expecting an invitation to High Tea anytime soon. 

- Ironically, Pippa says she just wants to put the whole thing behind her. 


The Supreme Court allowed California to ban psychological "conversion therapy" that tries to turn gay teens straight. 

- George Michael went thru that therapy years ago and WHAM! he stayed gay. 


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford finished a two-month stint in alcohol and drug rehab, saying he truly regrets some of the choices he's made in the past. 

- Like wasting two good months of party time by checking himself into rehab. 

- He plans to celebrate his new found sobriety by doing Jell-O shots...off his own stomach.  


Sixteen different companies have put in bids to operate casinos on New York's Indian Reservations. 

- So far the top Contenders are "The Charmin Tee-Pee Resort & Casino", "Bet, Bath & Beyond" and "Proctor & Gambling". 


TLC has given the green light to a new series that tells the story of people who buy houses in the nude. 

- They're just like regular home buyers except they don't give a rats patoot about closet space. 

- In the pilot episode, they sold a house to a naked 23 year old woman and 57 guys showed up on the Welcome Wagon. 


Harrison Ford broke his ankle on the set of the new Star Wars film. 

- Doctors say his therapy will include a lot of Yoda, um...I mean "Yoga". 

- He's using a cane, so "Han" is no longer walking "Solo". 


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