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Welcome to the weekend and Podcast #125! This week Jackie and I welcome special guest Jim Ochs to the Purtan Dining Room table. Jim not only performed on my show for years, but was acknowledged by the late great Casey Kasem as THE BEST Casey impersonator in the country! The three of us (four...if you count Jim as Casey) "Count Down" a whole host of topics including: 

- The "Jersey Boys" movie.

- Hollywood producers putting rap music into remakes of old movies. 

- Subtle vs. Slamdunk humor on the radio.

- Dr. Oz:  Is the "man behind the curtain" a good guy or a bad guy for stretching the truth about diet drugs (as he loves to stretch human intestines on his show!)

- Some memorable audio clips from my show with Jim "filling in" for me, and as Casey Kasem. 

- Plus Jackie presents a special "Long Distance Dedication" as "Mrs. Casey Kasem". 

So have a great weekend, keep your feet on the ground & keep reachin' for the stars in Podcast #125!  (37:36) And I'll see you back here Monday with my regular blog!