Yesterday, June 18th, 2014 Facebook went down for 30 minutes across the globe leaving users unable to make posts. 

- And you thought December 7, 1941 was a date which would live in infamy. 

- For 30 long minutes, the friends of Cindy Fremont had no idea whether or not she'd finally made it to the front of the line at the grocery store. 


Dr. Oz was ripped apart at a Congressional hearing for allegedly lying about weight-loss products on his show. 

- But the Congressmen did admit that the episode where he unraveled and stretched a human intestine across the stage was pretty cool. 

- Dr. Oz stayed calm...but I got the idea he was angry when he suggested that every member of the panel get a colonoscopy. 


A study by Berkeley Research Group found that listing your religious faith on your resume decreases your risk of getting hired. 

- Especially if you're applying at the Vatican and put yourself down as "Agnostic". 


New York State adopted a new law allowing humans to be buried in pet cemeteries alongside their furry friends. 

- And if you've got a goldfish you can now get the traditional "Flush-Down-The-Toilet" burial for yourself.  

- Somewhere in New York there's an 85 year old spinster with 70 cats who just bought an entire cemetery.

- Dog owners better hope Rover goes first or he's gonna keep digging them up. 


A British woman's breast implants exploded inside her body, quadrupling the size of her breasts. 

- This is what happens when you go to the "Al Qaeda Cosmetic Surgery Center". 

- Terrorists are already using the idea to create "Suicide Boobers". 

- The woman was unavailable for comment...since the explosion, her husband's had her locked in their bedroom.

- And just like that we know how Dolly Parton became Dolly Parton. 


Donald Trump told an interviewer that he thinks J. Lo's and Kim Kardashian's butts are "too big". 

- Reaction to his comment was so positive, he's going to use the "Butt's Too Big" platform as the centerpiece of his campaign if he decides to run for President.  


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