After a 10 year silence, Monica Lewinsky wrote an article for Vanity Fair detailing her relationship with Bill Clinton. Monica says "It's time to bury the blue dress", and that Hillary blamed herself for the affair. 

- So let me get this straight...Hillary won't take responsibility for Benghazi...but she takes responsibility for her husband's affair?

- Monica can't actually bury the blue dress since it's on display in the "Leisure Time" exhibit at the Bill Clinton Presidential Library. 


UPS accidentally delivered a $350,000 Drone to a college student in Massachusetts. 

- Meanwhile, the folks at the Pentagon are enjoying the underwear, socks and cookie's the student's mom sent in her care package. 

- If they had just let the Drone fly itself, it would have gotten to the right address.


A study of rapper's lyrics determined that Kanye West and Lil Wayne have the most limited vocabulary in rap.

- They only use "*^&%@#" and "%^&!"   as opposed to other rappers who use "*^&%@#", "%^&!", "#*&!*%" and "&!@".


An Israeli company is perfecting a pill that treats constipation by vibrating through the body as it's digested.

- The pill will be either be called "Viber One" or "Meeeettttttaaaammuuuucccciiiiilllllllll". 


The Hollywood Reporter says Sandra Bullock will star in a film about the invention of Tupperware. 

- She was late for the film's first press conference because she couldn't find the top that went with her bottom. 

- There hasn't been this much "burping" in a film since "Animal House".  


Larry King told the "Today Show" that he's embarrassed by his old network CNN's 24/7 coverage of the missing Malaysian jet. He said "It's been six weeks and all we know is that it took a left turn". 

- Larry thinks the network should concentrate on more pressing issues like the search for Amelia Earhart's plane. 


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