On this day, May 8, 1945 WWII in Europe ended as we finally won the war against Germany. And today, May 8, 2014 it looks like we have finally won the war against WINTER!!!!!

Predicted high: 80!!!


Today is NFL Draft Day. The Lion's have the 10th pick. 

- Could this be the year the Lions finally make it to the Superbowl??? Probably not!!!  (Vegas oddsmaker put the Lions at 60 to 1). 


New excerpts from Monica Lewinsky's upcoming Vanity Fair article reveal that Monica had a hard time finding work after the scandal. 

- I would have thought she'd be a shoe-in for "Pizza Delivery Girl". 

- Even Mitch Ryder refused to hire her as a roadie on his "Devil With The Blue Dress On" Reunion Tour.


A British hospital accidentally performed a vasectomy on a man who was in for a minor procedure. 

- The surgical nurse said, "It was no big deal. Really. It was no big deal". 

- I'd give you more details, but I just read a snipet of the story online. 


Because it's so much cheaper in Mexico, an increasing amount of Americans are going there for Dental work.

- It's a great deal...especially if you don't mind spending a week or two in a Mexican jail. 

- So some of the same people who want to build a Fence to keep Mexicans out of America are going to Mexico to get a Bridge.


The fake interpreter from Nelson Mandela's funeral is starring in an ad campaign for a new "video-sharing" app. 

- The most popular video shared, shows a fake interpreter at Nelson Mandela's funeral. 


Donald Sterling's ex-mistress V. Stiviano says she's in the final stages of adopting two boys. 

- She's already bought them matching full-face visors. 


Miley Cyrus denied that a drug overdose was the real reason she cancelled a lot of performances during her "Bangerz" tour. She insists it was allergies.

- In a related story, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says he's in rehab due to smoking too much Pollen.


 Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday with an all-new Podcast...#121!