Russia is demanding an apology after Prince Charles compared Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler. 

- In his defense, it's not like Putin has invaded Poland. Yet. 

- They're pretty different guys...Hitler wore a brown shirt and Putin wears no shirt. 


The Huffington Post is backing a growing movement in the work force asking for paid "Menstrual Leave" for women.

- And also Bruce Jenner. 

- If they don't get it, the women will laugh, cry, get mad and accuse their boss of not loving them anymore...all in the span of an hour. 


Some former NFL players have filed a class action suit against the league saying it routinely hands out prescription pain killers "like candy" during games to keep injured players on the field...leading to lifelong health problems including addiction. 

- It's so bad, some teams are changing their names, including the "Minnesota Vicodins".

John Madden says even NFL announcers are given free pain killers and injections before the broadcasts.  

- Well it is pretty painful being the announcer for the Lions. 


A Tennessee man was arrested for trying to have sex with an ATM machine inside a local bar. 

- How drunk does a guy have to be to try to "drink an ATM machine pretty"???

-'s Tennessee. At least he wasn't trying to make moves on his sister. 


Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak is under fire for calling global warming advocates "unpatriotic racists". 

- He was going to add the "F" word...but he didn't have enough cash to buy another vowel. 


More than two thousand workers and supporters stormed the McDonald's headquarters in Illinois yesterday demanding a $15 per hour salary. 

- They basically want to "Super Size" the minimum wage.

- While police were busy arresting protestors, the Hamburglar made off with 50,000 dollars worth of Big Macs. 


Pamela Anderson suffered a wardrobe malfunction at the Cannes Film Festival. 

- When DOESN'T she suffer a wardrobe malfunction?

- The whole thing was caught on really slooooowwww motion. 


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