Today is "Be a Millionaire Day"! According to, who's richer? 

Paul McCartney or Oprah Winfrey?                ...Oprah $2.9B, Paul $1.1B

Jerry Seinfeld or David Letterman?                ...Seinfeld $800M, Letterman $400M

Ryan Seacrest or Jimmy Buffett?                    ...Buffet $400M, Seacrest $250M

Elton John or Tom Hanks?                               ...Elton John $400M, Hanks $350M

So the answer's obvious! If you want to make a million yourself, just get into movies, music or TV. Or become a may not have your own, but you can spend Millions of other people's money! 


On this day in 1310 shoes were made for both the right and left feet for the first time since the fall of the Roman Empire. 

- The time in between is known as "The Age Of Really Bad Dancers". 

- The most popular shoe at the time was the Uni-Sandal. 


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West arrived in Paris to prepare for their wedding. Kim brought 12 suitcases. 

- That sounds like a lot until you realize each suitcase can only fit two or three pair of her underwear. 

- Kanye tried to pack light, but he couldn't fit his ego in a carry-on. 


A new comic book is coming out that allegedly reveals "another side" of NSA leaker Edward Snowden. 

- Let me comes with a Secret Decoder Ring! 

- It's different than most comic books because unlike "Superman", people disagree whether he's the hero or the villain. 


The NBA charged Donald Sterling with "damaging the league" and set up a June 3rd hearing to which owners can vote to terminate his membership. 

- Meanwhile Donald is busy giving interviews trying to whitewash the whole scandal. 

- His mistress V. Stiviano said, "You mean you're going to cut off his private parts???"  


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!