California Chrome, the horse that won both the Kentucky Derby and this weekend's Preakness Stakes may not be able to go for the Triple Crown. CC wore nasal strips that help breathing during both winning runs, but they're illegal for horses at the upcoming Belmont Stakes in NY. 

-  When they told CC he couldn't run in the Belmont Stakes with the nose strip, he looked sad and had a long face. 

- The strips helped him win...because with his nose wide open, he didn't want to be Behind the other horses. 


26 women in Italy who say they're involved in "loving relationships" with priests have asked Pope Francis to end the celibacy requirement so they can take their relationships public. 

- It takes a special woman to want a guy who sits around in his robe all day. 

- Sounds like some Priests have some confessing to do. 


Godzilla was the big winner at the weekend box office, taking in $92 million. 

- A giant monster that stomps on people hasn't taken in that much cash since Congress voted itself another raise. 


Michael Jackson appeared via hologram at last nights Billboard Music Awards, singing a song off the album he was working on when he died. 

- People said he looked so much more lifelike dead than when he was alive! 


Argentinian researchers unearthed dinosaur bones from what could be the largest creature to ever walk the planet. 

- Officials at first thought the bones belonged to Michael Moore, but then they realized he's still alive. 


A new poll on the Death Penalty found that 1 in 5 supporters prefer the gas chamber for executions. Meanwhile Oklahoma announced plans to find a method "That does the swiftest job of making someone feel dead on the inside". 

- Then it's decided. Put the guy in the execution chamber and make him watch "The Real Housewives of... (Pick a city!). 


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