According to Sporting Intelligence and ESPN the Magazine, here are the average Detroit Professional Sport Teams yearly average salaries: Tigers: $5.8 million ; Pistons: $4.1 million; Red Wings $2.5 million & Lions $1.9 million. 

- It's obvious the Lions' players need two things: Better sports agents and to win a game every now and then. 


During a live Q&A session on a Russian news program, NSA leaker Edward Snowden asked President Vladimir Putin (via video) if Russia spies on it's millions of citizens. Putin said that unlike the US, Russia has laws that forbid such invasions of privacy. 

- So apparently, he has no problem invading other countries property, but he draws the line at invading people's privacy. 

- I haven't seen two more trustworthy guys talking together since Kwame Kilpatrick and Bobby Ferguson got together. 


On the heels of her resignation (firing?) as the Secretary of Health and Human Services over "gross incompetence" of the Obamacare rollout, Kathleen Sebelius says she's mulling a run for the Senate. 

- Doesn't "gross incompetence" make her a little over qualified to run for Senate? 

- Experts don't expect her to come up with too much campaign cash since she's asking for donations to be made online. 


A rapper associated with the 90's band "Wu Tang Clan" is in the hospital after cutting off his penis and jumping off a second-story balcony. 

- When he wakes up and finds his penis missing, he's gonna wish he'd jumped from a higher floor. 

- I thought "Wu Tang Clan" was a noodle dish at "P.F. Changs". 


A 12 year old girl and a 13 year old boy have become Britain's youngest parents. 

- I think we've found the next winners of "Britain's Got Talent".

- The girl said the delivery was pretty easy since she'd just learned about "contractions" in 6th grade English class. 

- All three of them are registered at "Toys R Us". 


"The View" is saluting Barbara Walters retirement by bringing back all 12 hosts from over the years. 

- They already ran into trouble when Rosie O'Donnell accidentally sat on Whoopi's Cushion. 


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