There are lots of so-called "Harbingers of Spring"...A Robin in your front yard, moving the clocks forward an hour, and this year - actually being thrilled to see your brown, dead lawn - just because it isn't snow!

But nothing says "Spring" like OPENING DAY! And it's finally here! With a new manager and a new line-up, the Tigers take to the field at Comerica Park today to face the Kansas City Royals. Game Time: 1:08pm. Justin Verlander on the mound. 

In honor of the Big Day, I'm posting this video song salute to of our "Boys of Summer"...from their humble beginning back in 1896 right up to today. 



In other Sports News... things didn't go so well for Michigan and Michigan State this weekend with both teams being knocked out of the NCAA "March Madness" Championship Tournament.  But hey, we were the only state to have Two...yes TWO...teams represented!  For that alone, they deserve our Congratulation! 

And we've uncovered some good news! As you know, President Obama picked State to win the whole shebang. Well guess what? Thru connections in Washington, we received a statement this morning from the President reading: "Despite being eliminated from the tournament, If you'd like to believe that MSU made it to the Final Four, You can keep believing that MSU made it to the Final Four!" 

- It's good to be the President! 


A poll by Travel Magazine found that 71% of Greeks believe that their country invented sex. 

- Which is ridiculous since we all know sex was invented by Al Gore!


Tomorrow is April Fool's Day. 

- Or as Justin Bieber calls it..."Tuesday". 


NYU researchers say that married men are fatter than single men. 

- Their weight isn't actually any different, the married guys just don't try to hold their stomachs in anymore. 


Partridge Family and "Oklahoma" star Shirley Jones say she plans on skydiving to celebrate her  80th Birthday. 

- I hope she realizes the wind is gonna come sweepin' up a lot more than just the plain. 


Have a great day...GO TIGERS...and I'll see you back here tomorrow!