#22 ranked MSU stunned #8 ranked Michigan yesterday by claiming the Big Ten Tournament Title in a 69-55 victory.  Both teams head into "March Madness" later this week. 


Happy St. Patrick's Day to all Irishman and Irishwomen celebrating today! 

- Since there is virtually no chance of you remembering what we put in today's blog, we're just going to repost the same stuff tomorrow! For now, here's one of the classic Irish ditties!



- The expression "May The Wind Be Always At Your Back" originated in 1632 after Irishman  Donny O'Donnell had a bit too much cabbage with his corned beef. 

- Not all Irishmen drink Beer on St. Patrick's Day. Some of them drink Whiskey instead. 

- O'prah Winfrey is not really Irish. 

- Kissing the Blarney Stone won't necessarily bring you luck, but it might get you a nasty case of herpes, depending on who kissed it, before you did. 


- Secretary of State John Kerry says that if Russia doesn't reverse its course in Ukraine by the end of the day today, there will be serious economic repercussions. 

- Translation: John and his billionaire wife Theresa Heinz Kerry will start buying their Caviar from some other country. 


A study shows that 68% of High Schools in the US are doing away with school dances. 

- Officials say it's just an extension of their current policy of doing away with school education. 

- Father's everywhere are disappointed that this Spring's "Daddy-Daughter Twerkathon" is a no-go. 

- So now nerds and geeks can stay home and play video games like they do every Friday night without wasting time being rejected by a cheerleader. 


Saudi Arabia issued a list of 50 names new parents are banned from naming their newborns. The list includes Alice, Benjamin and Sandy. 

- Approved names on the list include Mohammed, Mohammed and Mohammed. 


Lady Ga-Ga hired a "vomit artist" to throw up on her costume at the SXSW music festival. 

- It was kind of like the famous "meat dress" she wore...but this time it was partially digested. 


Have a great St. Patrick's Day...celebrate safely...and I'll see you back here O'Tuesday.