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Welcome to the weekend and a brand spanking new Podcast! Today former "Purtan's Person" Joe Noune joins Jackie and me at the Purtan Dining Room table for some R&R - and by that I mean "Riveting and Rollicking" conversation. 

First up, we'll tell you about a new scientific breakthrough to eliminate genetic diseases that involves using not two, but three people to make one baby. (The technique was inspired by some great reproductive research pioneers: The guests on "The Jerry Springer Show".)

I'll also explain how Vladimir Putin became the Uber Oprah Winfrey of Mother Russia after the Sochi Olympics. (He's not only handing out free cars...but a new country as well!) and we'll share the amazing story of a blind woman who's being kicked out of her nudist-colony-condo-complex because her Seeing Eye Dog is too tall. It may sound like a bunch of shitzu, but it's true, and we'll get to the bottom...(or maybe it's the front) of why it's happening! 

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And speaking of true stories, Joe and Jackie both recount (so to speak) the harrowing experiences they went through when it came time to try to have a baby. (No...not together!) Let's just say when it came time to play "Count the Sperm", Joe completely misunderstood the concept of having someone "take his sample" (although he did entertain a lot of nurses). And Jackie and her then-husband, who were living in NYC at the time, were forced to buy one of "those magazines", hold a public unisex bathroom hostage, and lie to small children all in an effort to get their sample in the right hands.

So drop what your doing and join us for a conversation that goes along quite "swimmingly" in Podcast #114!  (

Have a great weekend, and I'll see you back here Monday - St. Patrick's Day - with my regular O'Blog!