The latest blast of Winter may be fraying everyone's nerves, but's it's also led to the release of a whole slew of new country songs. Here's just a sample...

"If Mother Nature Ain't Happy...Ain't Nobody Happy" 

"I'm Dreaming of a White St. Patrick's Day"

"Take This Job and Shovel It"

"All I've Got Is A Pothole To Pee In"


McGraw-Hill launched  "Government in Action" video game for school children. 

- The game features a bunch of clowns running around in circles doing nothing. 

- If kids say they don't like the game, their parents automatically get audited by the IRS. 


An Iranian government official has accused the United States of "Kidnapping" the missing Malaysian 777 airplane. 

- Apparently he thinks two guys in masks drove up to 35,000 feet and forced the plane to get into a flying unmarked van at gunpoint. Makes perfect sense to me. 


Tomorrow, Denver will host a "Job Fair" for the Marijuana industry. 

- Organizers expect the turnout to be extremely high. 

- There are jobs in the Marijuana industry? And I thought the economy was going to Pot. 

- Seminars include: "Printing Your Resume On Rolling Papers" and "Effectively Blowing Smoke Up Your Bosses Butt".


In Oregon, an angry house cat trapped a family inside a bedroom, forcing the dad to call 911. 

- Then his kids used the phone to order his "My Dad Is A Total Wuss" coffee mug for Father's Day. 

- Animal experts say this marks the first time a house cat has done...well, anything to be honest. 


A Chinese man underwent surgery to remove a toy whistle that he swallowed as a small child. 

- Actually, doctors found two whistles. Apparently he got hungry again an hour after he ate the first one. 

- The bad news is, he's been fired as his job as a referee. 


Have a great day, drive & shovel safely, and I'll see you back here Thursday!