A tech site called Eterni-me says it can create a digital alter ego that will continue to post on Social Media for people after they die. 

- So look for posts from your deceased Grandpa on Facebook reading "Long line at Pearly Gates, but dinner with Joan of Arc was worth it! She's HOT!"

- And on Twitter: "Bet you wish you treated me better now, huh? #Leftallmymoneytocats"


A survey found that "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" is the most violent Christmas song of all time. 

- It just edged out "Merry Christmas Darling" by Ray Rice and the classic "Bill Cosby Is Coming To Town". 


President Obama and Prince William sat down for a chat in the Oval Office yesterday. 

- William explained what's it's like to be a Prince...and Obama explained what it used to be like to be King. 


Ralph Baer, the man who invented the first video game console, passed away at the age of 92. 

- His family says that he was a "simple man" and will be buried in a plain, pine X-box. 


Sources say that Arnold Schwarzenegger disapproves of his son's relationship with Miley Cyrus. 

- Apparently he wants his son to date a more "traditional" girl...you know...like one who vacuums and does windows. 


New Jersey police say a deer broke into a home and ransacked the master bedroom before suddenly fleeing. 

- Police believe he was after the homeowner's sleigh bed. 

- A witness said he assumed the deer had been drinking because "he had a REALLY red nose". 


A biopic about Pope Francis will begin shooting in January. The film chronicles the various ways he's spread warmth to people of all ages. 

- In a related story, a new biopic about Madonna is in the works. It chronicles the various ways she's spread STD's to people of all ages. 


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