Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg donated $25 million to fight Ebola. 

- This guy will do anything to be "Liked".


Hillary Clinton will make an appearance at Oakland University in Rochester today to throw her support behind Democratic candidates. 

- While Hillary's speaking, Bill will be having lunch at "The Booby Trap" on Michigan Avenue. 


Macy's announced that they'll open at 6p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. 

- Prompting thousands of people to give Thanks for having to spend less time with their families. 

- It's great news for people who want to get stuffed and trampled on the same day. 


Martha Stewart Living announced major staff cuts. 

- The hardest part was convincing employees that being fired was " A Good Thing".  

- Each employee will receive a golden parachute...well actually it's a gingerbread cookie in the shape of a parachute with gold frosting. 


A survey by theKnot.com found that 80% of married women take their husband's last name. 

- And about five years in, they start "taking his name" in vain. 


A Florida man was arrested for having sex with a stuffed horse after taking if off the shelf at Wal-Mart. 

- Police said he kept insisting, "It's MY Little Pony! It's MY Little Pony!"

- He would have used a Bert or Ernie doll...but he didn't want people thinking he was gay. 


Madonna's daughter Lourdes says she's enjoying her first semester at the University of Michigan. 

- She says her classes are "easy"...which is most likely the same word the male students use to describe her. 


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