Looking to escape the frigid temps? Why not a book a warm weather getaway to the South Pole! While the overnight high in Detroit last night was minus 8, the thermometer at McMurdo Sound, Antarctica registered 33 above zero. With many kids still home from school because of the bitter cold, I thought we'd offer up a few stories that may not warm your hands, but will certainly warm your heart...


Before the players hit the court for his controversial US/North Korean Basketball Game in Pyongyang, Dennis Rodman took the opportunity to sing Happy Birthday to his "best friend" Kim Jong Un. 

- Un attended the game with his wife and several other North Korean government officials that he hasn't killed yet. 

- It was just like the time Marilyn Monroe famously sang to John F. Kennedy, except she looked way better in her dress than Dennis did in his. 

Kim's B-Day With Kids.jpeg


Months after his conviction of failing to report almost $200,000 to the IRS, Kwame's daddy Bernard Kilpatrick has reported to a low security federal prison in Texas to serve out his 15 month sentence. 

- I always wished I had a son so we could wear matching outfits! 

- Guards say Bernard already tried trading his Lipitor pills for cigarettes, but none of the other prisoners were interested. 


A judge in Spain charged King Juan Carlos's very wealthy daughter, Princess Christina, with tax fraud and money laundering. 

- Her lawyers say the charges are absurd since everyone knows Royal Family members NEVER do their own laundry! 

- Who does the Princess think she is? The Queen?


Ralph Lauren's niece was arraigned yesterday for being "dangerously drunk" on a NY bound plane that was forced to land in Ireland. 

- The Pilots of the plane will also be charged with "Incredible Stupidity" for dropping off a dangerously drunk woman in Ireland. 


Tim Tebow claims he worked out 10 hours a day, 6 days a week in order to become a better quarterback. 

- He should have passed on the workouts...and just practiced passing. 

- Tebow may not be able to throw, but thanks to those Zumba classed, he can really shake his money-maker! 


The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas featured a "Smart" toothbrush that provides users with details on their brushing habits. 

- Great...Now the NSA can gather more of our personal information from a "mole-ar" in our mouths. 

- The "Dentists for Equality In Brushing" is already accusing people who use Whitening Toothpaste of being racists. 


Have a great and hopefully warmer day and I'll see you back here tomorrow!