Time Magazine has named White Castle's square-shaped "slider" the most influential hamburger of all time, beating out burgers from McDonald's, Burger King and In-N-Out.

WC GastroDistress.jpeg

- Ironically, downing a bunch of "sliders" is usually an "In-N-Out of the Bathroom" experience.


The latest winter storm and sub-zero wind chills have caused at least 1500 flights to be cancelled around the country today. 

- There have been so many weather related airline problems this year, Delta is changing it's slogan to "We Love To Fly... 'Til It Snows!


The research website SplashData released it's annual list of the most common email passwords. Coming in at #1 was the word "password" followed by "123456". 

- Seriously? Even Allen Ludden never actually used the word "Password" as the "Password" on the show Password! 

- In the City of Detroit, the least popular email password is "LBrooksPaterson".


A new study by the Canadian Medical Association says that optimistic people tend to live longer than pessimistic ones. 

- Yeah right. 


According to multiple sources, Justin Bieber dropped $75,000 at a Miami strip club in just a few hours. 

- He didn't spend the money, he actually dropped it when his plastic Superman wallet fell out of his pocket.  

- The dancers knew it was Justin when he kept pointing at them, giggling and saying "The Beeb sees boobies!"


Two men were arrested in Oklahoma after telling police that a dog was driving their minivan when it crashed. 

- Cops didn't buy their story that it was a Golden Retriever and "as every one knows, blonds can't drive". 

- Interestingly, dogs do drive in North Korea. No wait...you can get dogs at the "drive-thru" in North Korea. 


Have a great day - try to stay warm - and I'll see you back here Thursday!