Former First Lady Barbara Bush told an interviewer that "she must confess to loving Bill Clinton." 

- Bill Clinton immediately responding by saying, "I did not have sex with that woman...George Washington!"



President Obama caused a stir when he said that he doesn't feel Marijuana is any more dangerous than Alcohol. 

- Whereas Bill Clinton thought it was so dangerous, he wouldn't even inhale!


Disgraced Politician Anthony Weiner and his wife are looking to move out of their $12,000 a month NYC apartment for something cheaper. 

- Weiner is reportedly working exclusively with female realtors saying "You show me what you've got...and I'll show you what I've got."

- He insisting on a separate bathroom for his selfies...uh...himself. 


A new poll says that two thirds of Israelis believe that President Obama won't stop Iran from building a nuclear bomb. 

- A related poll found that 100% of Iranian Government Officials don't believe him either. 


The British Press is reporting that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles will begin "Job Sharing" the Royal duties. Insiders believe that as she nears her 88th Birthday, the Queen is ready to begin handing over the reins to Charles. 

- Luckily he's used to being handed the reins every time the Royal Groomsman brings Camilla back from her walk. 

- Charles is no spring chicken himself. At 65, he already needs to pop a Viagra before showing Camilla the Royal Scepter.  


The backlash following the Seahawks' Richard Sherman's post game rant after defeating the 49er's Sunday has even non-Bronco fans rooting for Denver in the Super Bowl. 

- He's so crazy Kim Jong Un cancelled Sherman's upcoming "Football Diplomacy" trip to North Korea. 


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