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Kudos to Michigan State for an impressive victory over Stanford in the Rose Bowl last night! The 24 to 20 Victory for the Spartans was especially sweet considering it's been 26 years since their last Rose Bowl appearance. And MSU's win...along with Nebraska's win over Georgia salvaged this years tarnished Big Ten reputation. Of course Ohio State can add to that if they beat Clemson in their game Friday night. But, and no offense Buckeyes, I'll stick with the two wins we've got! 


For the 6th consecutive year, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were named America's most admired man and woman. 

- The poll was taken in the the MSNBC cafeteria. 


A new Pew Research Poll shows that one-third of Americans don't believe in Evolution. 

- Turns out a lot more people actually believed in Evolution until they took a look at the guys from "Duck Dynasty". 


New research out of Canada claims that sex is better exercise than walking. 

- And best of all, you don't have to wear $100 athletic shoes during the workout! 


Some people in Denver spent New Year's Eve in line outside marijuana dispensaries so they could be among the first to buy recreational pot, which became legal at Midnight. 

- They've always called Denver the "Mile High City"...but now it's official.  

- So now in Colorado, you won't have to spend time in the joint if you get caught smoking one. 

One guy in line said he couldn't remember being so excited. Then again, he couldn't remember his name or address either. 


Some fans are complaining that in her new Las Vegas show, Britney Spear's well-defined abs are actually painted on. 

- On the bright side, at least this time she's decided to wear underwear! 


Have a great day...stay warm...and I'll see you back here tomorrow!