Welcome to the weekend and the day I usually put up a new Podcast! I had booked a very special guest for this week's edition - Al Gore - to get more of his insights on Global Warming. Unfortunately, Al's flight was cancelled due to blizzard conditions. It ended up working out for the best since my microphone is suffering from shrinkage and is temporarily out of commission. 

Luckily, I still have what my Dad used to call "the old ace in the hole"... That's right, 105 previously recorded Podcasts that are already up here at dickpurtan.com. Just click the "PODCAST" button at the top of this page and scroll thru until you find something that catches your interest. The best part is you won't catch a cold in the process since you can do it all from the cozy comfort of your couch!

So grab a mug of something warm, put on your electric socks and take your pick of Podcast #1 to #105! 


And by the way...the weather may continue to be frightful, but we'll have a Brand New Podcast (#106) up to warm your ears next Friday! As the guy from the Men's Warehouse used to say... "I Guarantee It!"