The National Enquirer reports that Kanye West is hoping to spend his honeymoon with Kim Kardashian on an inflatable spacecraft set to launch in 2015. 

Kanye West in Space.jpeg

- Apparently he wants to go where no men have gone before and that rules out spending a few nights in a hotel with Kim. 


The U.S. set a record in 2013 for the fewest lightning deaths in one year. 

- Scientists say the chances of that kind of thing happening again is less than getting struck by lightening. 


The AP reports that the Spanish language version of the Obamacare website is filled with bad "Spanglish" translations, such as using "prima" which means "female cousin" in place of "premium". 

- Thousands of Latinos are wondering why they have to pay their female cousins hundreds of dollars a month to cover doctor visits. 


Video has surfaced of a Montana preacher delivering a 60-second Church service so he could leave and watch the 49er's game this past Sunday. 

- You'd except this kind of behavior if the Saints were playing, but the 49er's? 

- Parishioners knew something was up when the preacher shouted from the pulpit "YOU READY FOR SOME GOSPEL?!"


Israeli's Defense Minister says that Sec. of State John Kerry is obsessed with Middle East peace talks and that he has a "Messiah Complex". 

- As an example, they said that the whole "Swift Boating" thing was no big deal because Kerry believes he can actually walk on water. 


Nadya Suleman, "The Octomom" is being charged with welfare fraud and could face five years in prison. 

- Her kids are devastated and have asked the judge to make it at least 10 to 20. 

- So look for the new reality show "Octo-Inmate" coming to a cable station near you!


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